Why Joe Rogan Loves Cigars

Do you ever wonder why some people enjoy smoking cigars? As someone who doesn’t smoke myself, I was curious to learn more about the appeal. In this video, famous podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan discusses his love for cigars. He agrees that for many, the problem is finding time to relax in our busy lives. That’s where a cigar provides the perfect solution, as he’s about to explain.

Joe’s History with Cigars

joe rogan loves cigar

Joe talks about when he first started smoking cigars in his 20s. Some friends introduced him to the experience while out at a bar one night. He found the ritual of lighting up a cigar to be a social activity. It allowed him and his friends to unwind together after a long week of work. The cigar created a moment to pause, connect and enjoy each other’s company.

The Relaxing Effects of Cigars

Joe explains that as he got older and took on more responsibilities in his career, cigars became even more important for relaxation. After a busy day filled with work obligations, deadlines and stress, smoking a cigar allows him to unwind. He finds the slow, meditative pace of enjoying a cigar very calming for his mind. All of life’s worries seem to fade away as the cigar burns. The flavors and aromas transport him to a place of peace.

Pairing Cigars with Activities

Not only does Joe look forward to a cigar at the end of a long day, he also likes to pair them with other activities he enjoys. A nice whiskey or hot cup of coffee on his back patio goes perfectly with a cigar. He finds they enhance the flavors of both drinks. Joe also mentioned enjoying a cigar after a tough workout or a nice, hearty meal. It helps him unwind and digest.

The Different Types of Cigars

When first starting out, Joe smoked cheaper cigars but has refined his tastes over the years. Now he enjoys premium, hand-rolled cigars from Cuba and Nicaragua. He discussed some of his favorite brands like Padron and Drew Estate. Joe explained that cigars vary not only in flavor but also size, wrapper and filler materials. A robusto sized cigar may taste very different than a larger torpedo. Part of the enjoyment is exploring different options.

Cigars as a Luxury

Joe views cigars not just as a smoking product but as a luxury item. He appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into hand rolling each one. Many are true works of art. The materials, aging process and attention to detail create a cigar experience like no other. To Joe, they are worth the occasional splurge to relax in the ultimate way.


In closing, Joe summarizes that cigars have become an important part of his relaxation routine. He enjoys the ritual of lighting one up and tasting the complex flavors. Whether after work, during a drink on his patio or to celebrate with friends, cigars provide Joe with moments of calm in his busy life. For anyone looking to unwind, he recommends giving them a try.

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