The Best Cigar Lounges Around the World

For cigar enthusiasts, the experience of savoring a premium cigar is about more than just the tobacco itself. It’s about the atmosphere, the camaraderie, and the sense of tradition and sophistication that surrounds the act of cigar smoking. This is where the world’s premier cigar lounges come into the picture, offering cigar lovers a sanctuary where they can indulge in their passion and immerse themselves in a true cigar connoisseur’s haven.

Interior of a luxurious cigar lounge

From the sultry, old-world charm of Havana’s storied cigar clubs to the contemporary elegance of New York’s finest smoking establishments, let’s explore some of the best cigar lounges around the globe that have earned the reputation of being the crème de la crème of the cigar world.

Casa del Habano, Havana, Cuba

No exploration of the world’s top cigar lounges would be complete without a visit to the birthplace of the legendary Havana cigar – Cuba. The Casa del Habano in Havana is the epitome of cigar smoking tradition, where visitors can bask in the rich history and culture that has made Cuban cigars so revered.

Housed in a stately colonial-era building, the Casa del Habano features a warm, inviting ambiance, complete with plush leather chairs, ornate wooden furnishings, and an extensive selection of the finest Havana cigars. Cigar aficionados can savor their chosen smokes while sipping on expertly crafted cocktails and engaging in lively discussions with fellow enthusiasts.

The Humidor, Harrods, London, UK

Within the opulent walls of London’s iconic Harrods department store lies a true sanctuary for cigar lovers – The Humidor. This luxurious cigar lounge boasts a meticulously curated selection of premium cigars from around the world, with a particular emphasis on Havana’s finest.

Visitors to The Humidor are treated to a refined, sophisticated atmosphere, where they can sink into comfortable leather armchairs and enjoy their cigars alongside a selection of fine spirits and expertly prepared beverages. The lounge’s humidified environment ensures the cigars are maintained at the optimal temperature and humidity, preserving their exceptional quality.

Club Macanudo, New York City, USA

When it comes to the epicenter of cigar culture in the United States, few destinations can rival the allure of Club Macanudo in New York City. This iconic cigar lounge has long been a favorite haunt of the city’s elite, offering a luxurious sanctuary for cigar enthusiasts to indulge in their passion.

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Club Macanudo boasts a spacious, well-appointed interior, complete with a private members-only area, a walk-in humidor, and a carefully curated menu of premium cigars, spirits, and gourmet fare. The lounge’s impeccable service and attention to detail have earned it a reputation as one of the premier cigar destinations in the world.

The Davidoff Lounge, Geneva, Switzerland

Tucked away in the heart of Geneva, the Davidoff Lounge is a true gem for discerning cigar connoisseurs. As the flagship lounge of the renowned Davidoff brand, this intimate and sophisticated space offers an unparalleled cigar experience, showcasing the brand’s exceptional products in a serene and refined setting.

Visitors to the Davidoff Lounge can expect a meticulously curated selection of Davidoff cigars, expertly paired with a selection of fine spirits and gourmet delicacies. The lounge’s impeccable ambiance, with its plush leather furnishings and elegant decor, creates an atmosphere of refined indulgence that is truly befitting of the Davidoff name.

The JW Marriott, Hanoi, Vietnam

While the cigar lounges mentioned thus far have been firmly rooted in the Western world, the JW Marriott in Hanoi, Vietnam, offers a unique and captivating cigar experience in the heart of Southeast Asia. Boasting a stunning, contemporary design and a panoramic view of the city, this cigar lounge caters to the discerning tastes of both local and international cigar enthusiasts.

The lounge’s humidor features an impressive selection of premium cigars, including a range of Havana’s finest, as well as a carefully curated collection of rare and exclusive blends. Guests can savor their chosen cigars while sipping on expertly crafted cocktails or indulging in the lounge’s sophisticated food menu.

The world’s premier cigar lounges are not merely places to enjoy a fine cigar; they are bastions of tradition, sophistication, and camaraderie, where cigar enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a shared passion for this timeless art form. From the historic Casa del Habano in Havana to the contemporary elegance of New York’s Club Macanudo, each of these exceptional cigar lounges offers a unique and unforgettable experience that elevates the art of cigar smoking to new heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned cigar connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of premium cigars, a visit to one of these renowned cigar lounges is sure to leave a lasting impression and deepen your appreciation for the rich culture and tradition that surrounds this remarkable indulgence.


  1. What makes the Casa del Habano in Havana, Cuba, one of the best cigar lounges in the world?
    The Casa del Habano in Havana, Cuba, is considered one of the best cigar lounges in the world due to its rich history, authentic Cuban ambiance, and extensive selection of premium Havana cigars.
  2. How does the JW Marriott in Hanoi, Vietnam, offer a unique cigar lounge experience?
    The JW Marriott in Hanoi, Vietnam, provides a contemporary and sophisticated cigar lounge experience, with a panoramic view of the city, a curated selection of premium cigars, and expertly crafted cocktails and cuisine.
  3. What sets Club Macanudo in New York City apart as a premier cigar lounge destination?
    Club Macanudo in New York City is known for its luxurious, members-only atmosphere, impeccable service, and a meticulously curated selection of premium cigars and fine spirits, making it a favorite among the city’s cigar-loving elite.

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